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G14 living kitchen

G14 Wohnhaus

Ben Dieckmann
Tanja Borgschulte


loft in a barn

The floor plan of an old barn was ideally suited to create a large living room with loft character. On the ground floor, the barn's single room was left, thus creating an open space with a large floor area and a high ceiling. Using a room-in-room system, the building services, guest toilet and household room were installed as the only closed elements on the ground floor. 
A platform created two levels within the living space. The higher split level is at courtyard level. The lower living space is at ground level with the garden. 

The challenge in the project was to preserve the decades-old building substance and at the same time to gut the barn in such a way that it becomes habitable. From the outside, the old exposed brickwork could be cleaned and grouted. From the inside, the preservation of the existing building was more difficult due to the thermal insulation. The old clinker brick wall remained visible on one side of the wall of the large living room and forms a contrast to the modern interior. 

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