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Villa M

Wohnhaus, Zürichsee/Schweiz
ingenhoven architects
ingenhoven architects



The residential building is situated as a solitaire on a steeply sloping slope on the west side of Lake Zurich. It is built into the slope so that three floors are visible on the north-east side, while to the south-west and towards the garden only the two upper floors are visible.

Based on its functions, the house is divided into three adjacent areas. The central, two-storey high cooking and dining area is located in the middle part of the building and is also the heart of the residential building. From there you can access a spacious terrace, which protrudes like a footbridge towards the lake. Next to it, the ground floor houses a foyer, living room and study. A staircase arranged in the centre of the house creates a connection to all other rooms.

No matter where you are in the house: the view outside is omnipresent. Both long sides of the house are completely glazed. The panoramic windows open up the architecture of the house and give it a visual lightness. They literally flood the rooms of the house with natural light and allow an unobstructed view of the spectacular panorama of Lake Zurich.


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