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Villa K, La Palma

Villa K, La Palma, Canary Islands/Spain

Alexander Schmitz (visualization)
Ben Dieckmann (photos)


for now and then

The holiday home is situated 750 metres above sea level in the middle of the rough volcanic landscape of La Palma. The surrounding nature is the formative element of the house. Built at the foot of the highest mountain on the Canary Island, the ground-floor house and the outside area follow the natural topography of the slope. The result is four levels that blend perfectly into the landscape. On the sea side, the house is almost fully glazed and offers a panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean.

In the construction of the wooden skeleton building, mainly the building materials concrete and wood were used. A T-shaped ground plan geometry creates a wind-protected terrace and pool area. The more private bedrooms are on the horizontal level. The large, open living space and the terrace extend over the vertical. Natural materials and neutral colours match the pure Mediterranean lifestyle of the Canary Island.

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