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Universitätsklinikum Jena

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ingenhoven architects


healthly built

Studies show that for a quick recovery, not only the observance of hygiene regulations is important, but also the establishment of a health-promoting environment. The new extension buildings of the University Hospital Jena are therefore intended to contribute to an optimization of the hospital's internal work processes on the one hand, and to create a climate of well-being at the same time, which favors the healing process of the patients and the working climate of the nurses and doctors on the other hand.

Light-flooded atriums and inner courtyards and the naturally lit and ventilated rooms in all departments and wards create optimal conditions for patients and staff. The main thoroughfare and the atria are also the connecting element of all public functions. Situated in the centre of the building, they serve as a place for meeting and communication.

By maximising the amount of greenery and minimising sealed surfaces, the house is embedded in a park landscape. It gives the impression that the surrounding landscape flows through the house and the outdoor facilities. The generous greenery is also continued in the balcony and parapet area.

In order to optimise the work processes, the existing structures and systems will be continued and supplemented. The goal of economic optimisation is also achieved through the compaction and improved processes.


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