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R61 Wohnhaus 

Wohnhaus, Düsseldorf/Deutschland
ingenhoven architects
ingenhoven architects


a green place to be

The detached house is situated on a 9,000 sqm park-like garden, which borders on a nature reserve. Due to its circular segment-shaped ground plan, the house opens up towards the extensive property.

A full-surface glazing allows light to flood into the two-storey house from all sides and conveys - despite 400 sqm net living space - a feeling of lightness. At the same time, the house-high glazing visually integrates the garden into the living space.

The house is mainly built of natural and untreated materials. Wood, glass and exposed concrete are the dominant materials. The facade grids and window frames made of Oregon pine wood accentuate the sand-coloured exposed concrete walls with their warmth. While the concrete suggests strength, the glass, thanks to its transparency, reconciles it with the natural environment.

All of the living elements that are visible from the outside are aligned in a linear fashion and thus exude a certain harmony. At the same time, the vivid colours of the interior soothe the linear austerity. The responsibility in the project also included the planning of all the furniture except the related classics.


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