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Ben Dieckmann architect KöBogen 2 Düsseldorf

KöBogen 2, Düsseldorf

KöBogen 2, Düsseldorf/Germany



ingenhoven architects
1st prize intern. comp. 2015
ingenhoven architects,
Alexander Schmitz/Doug & Wolf
For a long time, Düsseldorf's northern city center was dominated by an autobahn. The demolition of the so-called "millipede" and an underground tunnel solution for motor traffic enabled an inner-city reorganization. The “KöBogen 2” business and office building, which is being built between Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz, the Schadowstraße shopping street and the restructured Jan-Wellem-Platz, creates a new urban transition between the courtyard garden, shopping street, playhouse and Dreischeibenhaus.
The building opens up to Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz in a special way thanks to tiered facades. The highlight: the facades are planted over the entire height of the building and the pitched roof. With 4000 meters of hornbeam hedges, this vertical park is a unique attraction. In addition to positive microclimate effects, the lively, constantly changing facade makes the four seasons visible and tangible and brings nature back into the city.
There is a second, smaller building opposite the large commercial building. Its grass-covered roof, rising to 10 meters, invites you to relax and unwind as a public meeting place. The roof can also be used as a festival stage for performances.
Both buildings form a valley and draw attention to the theater behind. For the first time, the listed playhouse from the 1960s will be worthily integrated into the city. The formerly unused theater forecourt turns into a stage of public life, enhances the social environment and invites you to linger.
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