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JAZ Kaistrasse 1

Hotel, Düsseldorf/Deutschland
Competition / 2017
Alexander Schmitz


music in the city

In the Düsseldorf Media Harbour, in the immediate vicinity of the old harbour basin, a property belonging to the City of Düsseldorf was offered as part of a bidding procedure. Together with an investor, Ben Dieckmann architects developed the design for a "Jaz in the city" hotel. The hotel will have two bars along Kaistraße and Zollhof, the ends of which will be on Franziusstraße.

On the ground floor, the two hotel bars will be connected by a catering area. The hotel rooms are located on three upper floors and a staggered floor, which are accessed by bridges and elevators. The hotel bars lie on v-shaped supports and protrude clearly towards the street. The ground floor, which is over five metres high and fully glazed, is offset inwards and thus forms a covered forecourt. Through the glazing, the building seems to lie only on the yellow steel columns and radiates a floating lightness despite the massive concrete.

"Jaz in the city" stands for a hotel experience that combines music and design. A combination that is also reflected in the hotel's striking perforated façade. The interplay of the holes creates a special exterior and interior effect.


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