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Ben Dieckmann architect IWES Kassel Fraunhofer Laboratory

IWES Kassel

Fraunhofer Institute IWES Kassel/Germany


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ingenhoven architects
2014, 1st prize intern. comp.
ingenhoven architects
Alexander Schmitz
The Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES researches, among other things, the integration of renewable energies in supply structures. There was therefore no question that the new institute building in Kassel would feature a forward-looking energy concept.
The finished concept aims at minimizing the energy demand. The focus is on five main topics: optimal summer and winter thermal insulation, good supply of daylight, high comfort through radiant heating/cooling, an innovative ventilation concept and renewable energy generation through photovoltaic systems.
With the new institute building, consisting of a two-storey technical centre and a three-storey office building, a place of high spatiality and identity-creating quality is created. The high quality of indoor and outdoor living promotes spontaneous, informal communication among the employees. 
The glass control room in particular attracts attention. It is positioned as an exposed box square on the south-eastern edge of the roof and can be described as the "heart" of the new institute. 
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