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Ben Dieckmann architect Haus Meer ISR School Kindergarten Meerbusch

ISR Haus Meer, Meerbusch

International School Haus Meer, Meerbusch/Germany
study 2018
Alexander Schmitz



In 1166, Countess Hildegund von Meer founded a Premonstratensian monastery on the northern edge of what is now Meerbusch-Büderich. The monastery was of great economic importance for the region, but was repeatedly destroyed by fires, partially demolished with secularisation, rededicated as a castle and finally almost completely destroyed in the Second World War. Today there are only a few former farm buildings on the large monastery grounds. In recent years, Ben Dieckmann architects have developed two designs for a new use of the historic site.

Today, monuments are no longer understood as objects of art, but as evidence of history that should also be made accessible to the public. The former monastery site "Haus Meer" in Meerbusch, which was founded in the 12th century, is a listed building.
In a study, Ben Dieckmann architects developed a sensible and realistic use of the protected area. Access for the public should be made possible with minor interventions in the park and monument stock.

The study envisages a new building and use by a school with a kindergarten. The building is planned as a one-storey wooden structure. A floor slab raised and laid on pile foundations leaves most of the floor untouched so as not to damage any other finds. Information boards on the school building are intended to convey the history and the excavation results of the former monastery grounds. In addition, the monument is protected by the creation of a historical network of paths, extensive maintenance of the park and securing of the existing excavations.

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