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Haus .49, NRW

House .49, North Rhine Westphalia/Germany


opposing and attracting 

Alexander Schmitz
Epifanio Trombello

With a cubic extension, a historical stable with a saddle roof and half-timbered façade is contrasted with a clear, modern and contemporary design language. The house facade from the 17th century and the saddle roof were restored in 2005. The beams and compartments will remain visible from the outside when the building is rebuilt or extended. In stark contrast to the half-timbered structure, the features of the extension are clear lines, a flat roof and a projecting projection at the front, which lends the façade dynamism and character.

The extension will be built as a modern timber building while preserving an existing basement. Due to the openness of the floor plan, the living space on the ground floor and upper floor is optimally utilised. The clear lines and ascetic design language are also continued in the house. In the living room the colours white and grey and the materials steel, glass and exposed concrete dominate. Large window areas create a direct link between the interior and exterior space and an unobstructed view of the large garden.

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