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Ben Dieckmann architect Google HQ Mountain View California USA

Google Mountain View

Google Headquarter, Mountain View, California/USA


California dreamin'

ingenhoven architects
1st prize intern. comp. 2010
ingenhoven architects,
Alexander Schmitz
Intimidating court buildings, unapproachable judges, an incomprehensible court language - the former image of the judiciary was marked by hierarchies and is now completely outdated.  Instead, transparent construction and working methods contribute to the acceptance and legitimacy of the institutions.
Therefore, these attributes - openness, transparency, comprehensibility - form the basis for the competition design of the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC).  The building makes it easy to find one's way around with short distances.  Situated in the middle of the dunes of The Hague, the buildings open up to the surrounding dunes through their generous glazing. It seems as if the dunes continue below and between the buildings.
The different working areas of the public prosecutor's office, judges and judicial employees are strictly separated from each other, but all arranged at the same building height. No architectural hierarchy is to be created. Instead, all actors meet at the same eye level and should make joint decisions for the benefit of society.


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