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Garage 2.0

Garage, Meerbusch/Deutschland
Ben Dieckmann
Tanja Borgschulte


every mechanic’s dream

Garages can be more than just a parking space. They offer space for creativity and are a paradise for hobbyists and screwdrivers.

A car lover would like a garage where he can not only store his vintage cars and motorcycles, but also screw them on in a nice atmosphere. The garage is a wooden skeleton building. The light material has particularly good insulation values and a stability close to that of steel. The scaffolding is only clad from the outside, so that the wooden skeleton remains visible inside. The building material, which is regarded as particularly lively, ensures a healthy climate in the interior and creates a feel-good atmosphere. In addition, the wooden frame makes it possible to install shelves for the workshop between the beams.

With the help of built-in parking lifts, the garage offers ample space for cars and motorcycles on around eighty square metres and a ceiling height of 3.80 metres. The highlight, however, is the approximately nine-metre-long, glazed façade facing the house. Like a showcase, the cars are thus set in scene and can always be seen by their owners.


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