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Ben Dieckmann architect EIB European Investment Bank Luxembourg

EIB Luxemburg

European Investment Bank HQs, Luxembourg


the art of engineering

ingenhoven architects
ingenhoven architects
Hans-Georg Esch, Seele
The European Investment Bank (EIB)'s new administrative building, an extension of the existing building designed by the British architect Denys Lasdun, is a masterpiece of civil engineering.
It is not a representative building in the classical sense. An innovative office concept, ecological materials and a high level of engineering effort have resulted in a contemporary administration building. Architecture can be experienced as the art of engineering and at the same time a space for innovation and people is created.
Particularly striking is the 13,000 m² glass shell spanning the V-shaped office building and offering maximum daylight and transparency. The office buildings are organized side by side, creating triangular atria and winter gardens that connect the building with the surrounding Kirchberg plateau and provide natural ventilation for the offices.
The typology of the office floors creates a flexible structure without hierarchies for almost 1,000 employees. In addition, communication and spontaneous interaction are promoted by open, shared zones between the offices.
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