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Ben Dieckmann architect CSP Halle Fraunhofer Laboratory

CSP Halle

Fraunhofer Institute CSP Halle/Germany


here comes the sun

ingenhoven architects
ingenhoven architects
Hans-Georg Esch
At the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP) in Halle, research into technologies for the production of solar modules to generate solar energy is to be carried out even more efficiently in the future.
The rectangular new building is a solitaire in the landscape. The building consists of two flush-fitting, courtyard-like structures, the office and laboratory building and the pilot plant. Since the building is an institute building in terms of content and the desired external impact, the buildings are combined by a surrounding screen. A transparent atrium in the inner courtyard connects the buildings with each other and simultaneously serves as entrance and reception.
The walls of the new building are sandwich panels. Perforated trapezoidal sheets mounted in front of them protect the wall panels from damage, prevent the facade from heating up and act as sun protection. The south-facing parapet strips of the office building are fitted with photovoltaic modules. At the same time, the production of the institute's own solar energy becomes a demonstration of the institute's work.
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