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Ben Dieckmann architect BRCMUP Burning Man Masteplan Black Roch City Nevada

BRCMUP, Nevada

Burning Man at Black Rock City, Nevada/USA
urban planning competition 2015
Ben Dieckmann, BRCMUP


sun worshipper

For more than thirty years, the Burning Man Festival has been taking place in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. A growing number of visitors and an urgently needed optimization of the festival infrastructure led to a competition.
The design improves the organization without changing the form and size of the festival. Instead of expanding, the design seeks to make better use of existing resources in order to realize the festival's full potential.
The circular shape of the site will remain. However, the division of the individual streets is purely numerical, with hour displays on a horizontal sundial. For even more precise positioning, the 24 individual sections are again divided into minute sections.
The outsourcing of all cars creates more safety and larger tent areas. Cars are only allowed to drive on "30min" roads. All other roads become bicycle and pedestrian zones. More event locations, such as the "sunset city" or the "sunrise point", will make better use of the extensive grounds and make them more intensive. Here, too, the place name is based on the position of the sun.
With the idea of the sundial, the surroundings of the sun-drenched desert are taken up and the festival becomes a safe place with simple orientation. The removal of the cars creates more space for tents and thus also for festival visitors. All in all, a more intensive festival experience is achieved with clear and short distances.


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