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Burg Angermund



great hall

Ben Dieckmann

Built in the 12th century, the Wasserburg Angermund is today one of Düsseldorf's most important architectural monuments. The three-storey main building to the west is supported by quarrystone walls and dates from the 13th century.

The medieval castle has been used again as a residential complex for around forty years. A former knight's hall was also converted into an apartment. However, the architecture of the eighties looked very heavy and clumsy in the historic hall.

Instead, the redesign pursues the goal of a functional and contemporary architecture that does justice to the historical space.

The authentic elements of the centuries-old building are preserved and consciously staged. The heart of the living room is the two metre high, original chimney system. The exposed antique ceiling beams and the fireplace on one side are contrasted by a composition of white, steel and light. Spotlights attached to a filigree parapet set the scene for the beam structure. Straight and unagitated furniture creates a contrast to the antique elements:  The Middle Ages and modernity enter into a synthesis.


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