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Bauhaus Museum

Museum of Art, Dessau/Germany


the Bauhaus

international competition 2014
Ben Dieckmann

The legendary Bauhaus College of Design existed only from 1919 to 1933 and still has an effect to the present day. The multitude of art forms practiced at the Bauhaus, as well as the examination of social, political and cultural themes, make the presentation of the Bauhaus an architectural challenge. 
The basic idea behind the museum design is a central space around which two vertical spirals spiral in a double helix. The inner helix is a ramp access that leads visitors upwards clockwise from the entrance level. This is where the tour begins, followed by the exhibition rooms in the outer spiral, which screws downwards.
The central space can be understood as the spiritual space of Bauhaus thought, around which the topoi revolve in an orbit. With its floor for actions and its walls for projections, the atrium is at the same time an essential medium in the exhibition concept. The exhibition rooms have optimal proportions for exhibitions, which make it easy to play with lots of wall space. 
While the rooms on the inside of the atrium sit straight on top of each other, they are different on the outside due to their individual size, which leads to the strong structure of the façade.

Bauhaus Museum Ben Dieckman achitects
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