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Haus Meer Meerbusch Night View

Restaurant Haus Meer

Ben Dieckmann
Dirk Matull

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Haus Meer is a historic train station. In 1898 the first of two train stops in Büderich was built there on a green meadow. Located directly next to the then still intact Haus Meer, it was the initial spark for the development of Meererbusch as a weekend destination for wealthy city dwellers.


The building, which still exists today, has not been used for its original purpose for a long time and is in poor condition due to improper treatment. A comprehensive refurbishment should make it possible to experience the historic building again and restore the old appearance. At the same time, the location will meet the changing demands of today through various possible uses.


The half-timbered facade was plastered over and will be exposed again. The roof truss and interior are renovated according to the KfW55 standard, a heat pump is installed, making the building particularly energy-efficient and future-proof. As before, a restaurant will be built on the ground floor. However, a newly created extension, a roof terrace in front of it and a japanese restaurant in the basement create significantly more space for the dining rooms. The upper floor will be used separately as an office in the future. This is accessed via a separate entrance from the outside.




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