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single family house wood construction Ben Dieckmann architects Meerbusch

E11 Wohnhaus



Alexander Schmitz (renderings)
Ben Dieckmann architects (photos)
... (final photos pending)

case study 2022

100 years ago, the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe shaped the construction principle of the bungalow and the associated idea of spatial freedom, variability and permeability. This architecture is reinterpreted in a bungalow for a young family.


The two-storey building with a flat roof is a wooden house in post and beam construction. Due to urban planning requirements of one storey and the desired size of the upper floor, it was not built with a basement. With a clear floor plan, extensive glazing and a flat roof, the bungalow follows the tradition of American mid-century architecture. The reinterpretation is reflected in the detail of the sustainable house. The wooden bungalow meets the KfW55 standard and therefore has a particularly low energy consumption. This is achieved through wood fiber insulation, controlled living space ventilation and a geothermal heat pump. The flat roof is green and photovoltaic modules are mounted on it to generate energy.


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