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Appartment House M55


2018 - 
Alexander Schmitz (rendering)
Ben Dieckmann architects


compact living

The number of people living in cities is constantly increasing. Particularly compact apartments for single or two-person households and for small families are in demand. The urban architecture solution is to create more housing units in the same area.


The shape of the multi-family house near Düsseldorf follows the urban planning specifications in the building line. By moving the volume backwards, however, the house gains significantly more depth and allows for a larger number of apartments next to each other. By shifting the building volume, there is also space for an uncovered outdoor area in front of each apartment.


The individual apartments follow the principle of living through. This means that the floor plan of the apartments is narrow and extends over the entire depth of the building. As a result, the living space is clearly structured. The living area is on the west side of the street. The sleeping area is on the quieter rear side to the east. The east-west orientation of the apartments is also ideal for the energy efficiency of the building.

in any weather.


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