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Be Dieckmann architect Anthony's Kitchen Restaurant and Cookery School

Anthony's Kitchen 

restaurant and cookery school, Meerbusch/Germany



architecture & interior, 2015
Ben Dieckmann
Tanja Borgschulte

An own restaurant with cookery school - with a historical restaurant a cook found the optimal conditions for the conversion of this dream. He wanted a place where the restaurant as well as training area could merge openly and function side by side on equal footing - an atmosphere as in a large kitchen-cum-living-room.
An initial preliminary concept from the cookery school manufacturers envisaged the centre of the room for the school, which would have pushed the restaurant completely into the background.  This was due to the fact that a supposedly load-bearing wall separated the guest room from another adjoining room. After the demolition of this wall, the cooking school could be moved further back without losing its presence. This created a large guest room, which can be divided by acoustic panels when the cooking school and restaurant operate in parallel.
Special attention was paid to the lighting concept during the renovation of the guest room.

It was essential that the table - the place where everyone gathers - was always the brightest and most important point in the room. Pendant luminaires hang above the tables on hooks in the ceiling and can be rehung as required. Also the receding of the room by painting the ceiling in (almost) black and the walls in dark blue is essential for the lighting concept.

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